Top 5 Benefits of a Dance Studio App for Your Business

Guest Blogger | 17 June, 2022

            Top 5 Benefits of a Dance Studio App for Your Business

Written By: Laura Cole, Olivia Mode-Cater & Tiffany Bellah


As a dance teacher or studio owner, you probably use apps all the time to make your job easier. There are  dance apps for improving technique, finding the right tempo, visualizing choreography, and more. But one of the most powerful types of apps to have in your toolkit is an app specially made for your dance studio!

A dance studio app can streamline tasks for your dance studio staff, students, and dance parents, making engaging with your studio much simpler and more convenient. 

In this guide, we’ll review the top benefits of investing in a dance studio app for your business. With a dance studio app, you can:

  • Streamline communications.
  • Promote your studio’s brand.
  • Reduce scheduling confusion.
  • Maintain client engagement. 
  • Track customer data.

A  dance studio app can be an effective addition to your studio’s technology stack, modernizing your business practices and establishing your business as forward-thinking and tech-savvy. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages an app can offer your studio!


1. Streamline communications.

How often do you find yourself scrambling to remind parents of late dance tuition fees or update your instructors on class scheduling changes? Sometimes, you may feel like  communicating with your dance community can be a significant challenge. 

A dance studio app can help streamline your communications by centralizing all messaging on one platform. Your dance studio app will allow you to easily: 

  • Update parents on dance studio policies.You can administer  your important dance studio forms like your class registration form or digital waivers right within your app. Parents can quickly view and sign these forms at their convenience. 
  • Send push notifications for last-minute changes. These might include schedule adjustments or recital reminders. You can ensure all of your dancers and dance families remember important dates and are aware of attendance expectations. 
  • Offer tuition payment reminders.Reduce your missed and late tuition payments by using your app to send recurring reminders to parents. 
  • Issue class registration reminders. Ensure everyone signs up for the classes they want by sending push-notifications that remind dancers or parents to register. 

You might choose to transition most of your communications to your dance studio app or use the app to supplement other channels, such as email. Either way, your dance studio app will provide an effective channel to offer information to your dance community, keeping everyone up-to-date and on the same page. 


2. Promote your studio’s brand.

According to  DanceStudio-Pro’s dance marketing guide, boosting brand awareness is one of the most impactful marketing strategies to engage both new and existing clients. This means taking steps to ensure that prospective and current customers are familiar with the images, taglines, and other elements associated with your studio's brand.

Promoting your brand to a wider audience can capture potential customers’ interest and reinforce your brand as a community staple. Plus, existing dance community members will feel more comfortable using your app when it’s clearly connected to your studio’s overall brand. 

To increase recognition in your brand and make your studio appear as professional as possible, design your app using your brand specifics, such as your studio’s: 

  • Logo
  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Tone
  • Imagery

As a dance studio leader, it’s your responsibility to reinforce and empower your brand through a variety of efforts, from perfecting your recital  event brand elements to designing stylish merchandise that reflects your studio’s vibe. And with these best practices, your dance studio app can be another avenue to increase brand awareness and further establish your reputation.


3. Reduce scheduling confusion.

If your dance studio offers a variety of styles and class levels, your class schedule can probably become quite busy. It can be  tricky for your instructors to keep their teaching schedules straight or for your dance community members to know when they should be attending classes each week.

With a dance studio app, you can maintain a clear schedule that acts as the source of truth for your entire dance studio community. Use your app to offer a clear view of:

  • Upcoming classes, including all levels, dance styles, and team rehearsals. 
  • An event calendar that highlights special events at your studio. 
  • Recital or competition schedules so everyone understands where they need to be and when they need to be there. 

Include specific details for each class or group. For instance, you might describe the apparel or supplies they’ll need to bring to recitals. Or, you might include details about the homework assigned to each class, such as moves that students should practice at home or stretching routines they should complete. 


4. Maintain client engagement. 

Another critical component of maintaining strong client relationships is continually engaging with your dance community in new ways. Your dance studio app represents a unique client engagement opportunity to keep your dance studio top-of-mind for clients. 

For example, you can use the app to share videos and photos of students performing at recitals, competitions, and other events.This can further supplement the videos and photos you share on your social media pages, giving your dance community exclusive access to the full catalog of content. 

Also, your dance app can help you stay in touch with students if you’re  teaching remote classes or offering additional virtual instruction to supplement in-class learning. You can provide dancers with instructions for what they should be working on from home when practicing remotely. 

Your students will appreciate your proactive attempts to keep them engaged, making your dance community feel more tight-knit. 


5. Track customer data.  

AccuData’s data marketing guide says it best: “Understanding your audience is the best path to success.” When you learn about your customer base, you can create more effective marketing campaigns that address their preferences and interests. 

A dance studio app gives you access to a wider range of customer data, helping you understand your clients’ motivations and create more relevant marketing materials. For example, your app will allow you to track: 

  • App downloads, allowing you to see how many clients are taking advantage of your additional communication and information platform. 
  • Client information, such as payment details and contact information. 
  • Student data, such as relevant medical information or class history. 
  • In-app communication history to help understand how many dance community members are actively engaging with your communications. 

Any opportunity you have to gather customer data allows you to learn more about how your audience prefers to engage with you. Plus, you can store this information in your customer database to ensure you always have access to necessary details to stay in touch with clients on an ongoing basis. 

As you can see, a dance studio app can benefit your studio in a multitude of ways, from helping you stay in touch with your dance community to allowing you to learn more about your customer base. When you design your studio app to match your business’s branding, you can also create a powerful marketing opportunity, spreading awareness of your studio’s offerings. 

If you determine that creating an app is the right move for your studio, be sure to partner with an app creator that specializes in dance studio management. This will not only make it easier for you to dive in and create a stellar app, but it also gives you access to the full range of benefits of using an app for your studio. Good luck! 


Author: Laura Cole
For more than 15 years, Laura Cole has focused on strategic planning and project management for SaaS organizations. Laura became the CEO of DanceStudio-Pro in 2020. Laura is a wife, mom, yogi and volunteer.
Author: Olivia Mode-Cater
Olivia Mode-Cater is an industry leader in dance education and dance entrepreneurship, having presented on these topics on a national and international level. Olivia’s work draws on her experiences as a veteran dance educator in all teaching settings: higher education, PK-12 schools, and studios. Olivia proudly joined the DanceStudio-Pro team in 2021 as the Sr. Marketing Manager.
Author: Tiffany Bellah
Tiffany has been involved in the dance world at many levels – as a dancer, a dance mom, a studio manager, a virtual assistant to studio owners and now as the Customer Service Manager for Dance Studio Pro. She is the mother of 4 and lives in Southern California where she enjoys working remotely to support the users of the World's Best Dance Studio Software.  A decade ago, when her girls wanted to dance competitively she went to the studio owner to offer her skills in administration and knack for setting up and managing apps that would make that Studio Owner's life easier.  After researching all the options she discovered DSP and became an expert user – fast forward to the present, she has been with the company for a year and a half and she is thrilled to be a part of the constant improvements in technology that help us all connect around the art of dance.