Attention Dance Teachers!

On July 1, we are launching the ultimate dance teacher membership!

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Dance teachers...

-Are you feeling burnt out from Covid-19 & need to get reinspired?

-Are you a busy dance teacher that finds it challenging to make time for professional development?

-Have other memberships left you disappointed from the lack of takeaways & real world applications?

-Are you on a tight budget but still want to find easy ways to improve your teaching?

-Are you the only dance teacher in your building & feel isolated and lost?

Our new membership will solve all these problems & more!

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What’s the number one thing that we do as dance teachers? We give... our students, to their caregivers, to our employers, & the list goes on. 

It’s easy to see why so many talented educators often feel tapped out, uninspired, & alone.

The worst part is when we’re unenthusiastic about our teaching... our students know it & become bored & disinterested in dance. 

So what do most dance teachers do when they feel this way? 

They sign up for something to try to get reinspired, but we’ve found that there’s no perfect solution.

For instance, dance teacher conferences are fun, but SO expensive!

You have to pay for:





-Babysitter or dogsitter

-Food and more!

The price tag makes attending every year challenging! 

And, many dance teachers are so overstimulated during the conference that they don't end up applying any strategies they learned!

You might have tried other memberships, but there are no tangible takeaways to use right away.

Or, maybe you joined a membership that focuses on a certain age group or a particular topic every month.

-What if you’re not teaching that age group this year? 

-What if you’re not teaching that topic this month or this year? 

-What if the content doesn’t work with the classes you’re teaching now? 

All that info will end up in a folder on your computer collecting dust.

Overall, it’s hard for dance teachers to have everything they need all in one… until now.

The DETconnect membership launching July 1 is revolutionizing professional development for dance teachers.

As fellow dance educators, we decided to rewrite the rules when it comes to ongoing education for dance teachers, so they can finally have it all:

-Consistent support year-round

-Power & choice over resources 

-Access to leading dance education experts

-Practical ideas & solutions that can be implemented right away

-Flexibility to fit a dance teacher’s busy schedule 

-A strong & authentic feeling of community

….all at an affordance price! 

Your membership can include:

A total value of $2083 for $30 per month or $330 per year.

That's 84% off it's retail value!

Be part of the revolution & put your name on the waiting list today!

We have created a membership that gives you the:

+ videos

+ downloads

+ events

that will transform your teaching. an affordable price & from the comfort of your own home!

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So how will the membership work?

On July 1, the doors will open to join DETconnect. We are offering 3 levels of memberships:

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Join the waiting list for the membership!