Are You A Technique Titan Teacher?!

Dance Ed Tips | 22 June, 2022

            Are You A Technique Titan Teacher?!

Congrats! You are a Technique Titan! You love focusing on the details of dance technique. Whether it’s ballet, hip hop, or tap, you take the time to break these down and make sure your students know proper technique inside and out. You take responsibility as a dance educator seriously and ensure your students are learning each dance style accurately and efficiently. You want your students to understand that proper technique not only demonstrates a strong background of education, but protects dancers from injury, prolonging their dance career. 

Your dance class might look a bit different as a Technique Titan. You are probably the type of teacher who will spend 30 minutes working on a penché or can talk at length about the benefits of a proper plié. You know that once the students have a secure understanding of placement and alignment, they can then express themselves as movers because you’ve established a strong foundation. Pablo Picasso once said, “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” You appreciate that good storytelling through dance comes from the dancer’s body being able to speak clearly. 

We love Technique Titans at Dance Ed Tips and believe you are a vital part of a child's dance education. We have designed many resources to support your unique values. One of our favorites is the SPOTlight Dance App that uses computer-vision technology to evaluate dancers in specific movements and provides an analysis and score allowing them to track their progress. We saw a significant gap in our industry as dancers did not have access to this technology in their training. We believe students deserve to have additional feedback on their technique at the studio, at home, or wherever they practice, which is why we decided to pioneer the creation of this app in dance. 

Another Technique Titan favorite is our Ballet Vocab Cards. These cards are great for dancers of all ages to be able to identify skills with terminology for a well-rounded foundation of ballet. Students learn in many different ways and these hands-on resources help your students actually remember what they learned in class. 

As you plan for the upcoming dance season, we charge you to continue being a Technique Titan! We know the work can sometimes be hard and tedious, but the outcome is worth it! We at Dance Ed Tips are always ready to be part of your teaching journey and support you as you impact your dance community.