Top 7 Best Gifts for Dance Teachers

Dance Ed Tips | 23 May, 2022

            Top 7 gifts for dance teachers

Top 7 Best Gifts for Dance Teachers

It’s either the holiday season, Teacher Appreciation Week, or the end of the year and you want to get your favorite dance teacher the perfect gift! You want to show your dance teacher just how much they mean to you. 

But, there are also probably a million other things you’re trying to do right now and you don’t have the time to search for gifts. We are here to help you. We asked dance teachers from all over the country what their favorite types of gifts are to receive. Below are thetop 7 best gifts for dance teachers … from dance teachers themselves! 

#1 Dance Ed Tips cards and games!!

#2 Some that represents a specific memory from the year

#3 A special thank you note

#4 Fuzzy socks or blankets

#5 Personalized gifts

#6 Coffee, Tea, or Chocolates

#7 Gift cards

#1Dance Ed Tips Games and Cards

The best gift of all, in our opinion, is to give a gift for the betterment of dance education! You may not know this but your dance teacher often spends their own money on resources for the dance classroom. Giving your dance teacher assistance in stocking up on resources that will enrich all dance students’ education is truly a gift that keeps on giving. Check out all of ourCards and Games for the perfect and FUN way to show your dance teacher just how much you love dance!

Dance Ed Tip's #1 best gift for dance teachers.

#2 Something that represents a memory specific to the year

Thinking about those special gifts straight from the heart, give your dance teacher something that reflects the year you’ve had together. Maybe you had a funny joke from rehearsal that you can turn into a gift idea? Or consider making something that includes the name of your dance from that year or color schemes from the costumes? You could even give your teacher a picture of you in your dance costume or in a dance pose (Sign and date the back, too!) Dance teachers love these memorable tokens that they can put up in their office or in the studio. 

Dance Ed Tip's #2 best gift for dance teachers.

#3 A special thank you note

Of course, nothing says you have to spend a dime. The best gifts of all are just special notes of gratitude. Write your dance teacher a special thank you card or letter telling them how much they mean to you. On rough days, just like anyone, teachers appreciate rereading these notes, reminding them why they started teaching in the first place. Most teachers have a drawer with these notes that they keep forever! :) 

Dance Ed Tip's #3 best gift for dance teachers.

#4 Fuzzy socks and blankets 

Another common trait of dance teachers is–warm layers! Dancers and dance teachers are notorious for wearing layers upon layers of warm-up clothes during class. And included in those warm layers are SOCKS. Dance teachers understand the importance of agood pair of socks

Sitting still in an open studio alone can get cold no matter how many layers you have on. A nice fuzzy blanket always does the trick, though. Go the extra mile and make your own! Your dance teacher will always LOVE something that has your own creativity put into it.

Dance Ed Tip's #4 best gift for dance teachers.

#5 Personalized gifts (tote bags, tumblers, coffee mugs, keychains)

You can really get creative and have fun with this suggestion. Get your dance teacher something personalized! As we have mentioned, dance teachers are often running from one class to the next. A personalized water bottle, tumbler, or coffee mug is the perfect essential. Go an extra step and get a personalized tote bag for your dance teachers’ shoes, notebooks, Thera-bands and whatever else they may carry. Many dance teachers have way too many keys to keep up with. A personalized keychain strictly for dance studio keys is a great idea! Let your imagination run wild with this - these days you can personalize almost anything with aCricut!

Dance Ed Tip's #5 best gift for dance teachers.

#6 Coffee, Tea, or Chocolates

Maybe you want to get your dance teacher a little more than a gift card? What about a nice box of coffee, tea, or … CHOCOLATES? Giving a nice basket of any of these items will make your dance teacher feel extra special. We personally loveTeavana for loose leaf teas andGhirardellifor chocolates. For coffee, consider going to your local coffee shop and having them create a nice sample basket! Either way, your dance teacher spends most of their time drinking water or as stated above, coffee! Why not treat them to a delightful beverage?

Dance Ed Tip's #6 best gift for dance teachers.

#7 Gift cards  

This is a pretty typical gift, but one that is appreciated nonetheless. Dance teachers are often spending countless hours in the studio or planning for the studio. Your teaching is sure to love any gift card for coffee or quick snacks. There is typically aStarbucks orDunkin’ on every other corner these days. It’s the perfect stop for your dance teacher on their way to the studio. If you want to encourage your dance teacher to treat themselves, as I’m sure they deserve, then consider a gift card for a nice restaurant or even amassage! Another gift card idea is, of course, forTarget! I mean, who doesn’t love a good Target?

Dance Ed Tip's #7 best gift for dance teachers.

In closing

There are plenty of other gifts you might want to get your dance teacher. Obviously you know them better than we do. But sometimes when you know someone SO WELL it’s hard to get the perfect thing. Hopefully these ideas help you get started finding the best gift for the best dance teacher!