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Why We Exist

The demands of being a dance teacher often make talented people feel tapped out, uninspired, and alone. The worst part is when we’re unenthusiastic about our teaching... our students know it, which can make them bored & disinterested in dance.

Our resources & online events spark dance teachers' creativity so they can make every class fresh & exciting.When people use our tools & strategies, they feel empowered to educate the next generation of dancers.

Dance Ed Tips exists because dance teachers who are inspired make a lasting impact on their students.

We're the Dance Ed Tips Team!

We are veteran dance teachers who work in PK-12 schools, private studios, & higher education. Through our careers, we've experienced ALL the ups & downs that come along with our job.

We've also realized that dance teachers don't get all of the support that they need or deserve. So, we made it our mission to create all the resources and ongoing education we wished we had access to.

And in 2017, Dance Ed Tips was born!

Our team believes in Supporting, Refining, Connecting, & Celebrating dance teachers!

Thanks for being here! We are excited to learn and grow with you.

Founder & CEO

Location: Eagle, CO

Teaching Environment: Higher Education, PK-12, & Private Studio

Favorite Product: Back to School Kits

Degree: B.F.A. in Dance Performance & Ed.M. in Dance Education

Olivia Mode-Cater (she/her) is the Founder and CEO of Dance Ed Tips. She is an industry leader in dance education and dance entrepreneurship, having scaled 2 major dance brands over the past 4 years. She is also an accomplished presenter who has spoken on these topics to national and international audiences. Olivia’s work draws on her experiences as a veteran dance educator in all teaching settings: higher education, PK-12 schools, and studios. She is the former Director of Dance Education at Hofstra University. During that time, their dance education program was recognized on a national level as one of the Top 30 Dance Programs in the United States for their high-quality dance teacher preparation training. In addition, Olivia is passionate about mentoring others, having coached over 100 dance teachers to discover their personal teaching philosophy and vision in dance. When Olivia isn't working on Dance Ed Tips, you can find her enjoying the outdoors with her pups, Krank and Scarlett! 

Chief Operations Officer

Location: San Francisco, CA

Teaching Environment: PK-12 & Private Studio

Favorite Product: Elements of Dance through Sports Unit

Degree: B.F.A. in Dance Performance & Ed.M. in Dance Education

Helen Snelgrove (she/her) is the Chief Operations Officer (COO) at Dance Ed Tips. She has been a member of the DETeam since 2018. Helen is a middle school dance teacher for San Francisco Unified School District. In 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic, Helen organized a book drive with Dee Holliday where they were able to collect over 500 books. With their efforts, each middle school student at Helen's school was able to get a gift during the holiday season. In 2017, Helen presented at the National Dance Education Organization (NDEO) Conference in San Antonio, TX. She is currently working with Lila Flow Yoga to receive her 200HR yoga certification. When Helen isn't working for DET or teaching, you can find her outdoors, whether it be skiing, hiking or camping with her dogs, Otto & Luna!

Business Strategy Coach

Location: Weehawken, NJ

Teaching Environment: Higher Education, PK-12, & Private Studio

Favorite Product: Partnering and Lifts Online Course

Degree: B.F.A. in Dance Performance

Lauren Connolly (she/her) is the Business Strategy Coach of Dance Ed Tips. She is invested in the power of movement and how it initiates physical, emotional, and intellectual transformations in time, space and energy. She believes that challenging norms is essential to unlocking the potential in human performance and self-discovery. She is passionate about creating spaces that provide psychological safety and embrace kinesthetic empathy in order to inspire the collective mindset. Through her work as a choreographer and dance educator, Lauren has shared her philosophy in various private and public school settings and shown her work throughout New York, Boston, Philadelphia and New Jersey. With over a decade of experience in advocacy, community development and relationship building, she has a multi-industry background, including arts administration, production management, event planning and financial services. Lauren has presented on emotional intelligence, movement leadership, holistic wellness, aesthetic development and improvisation on a national level to a wide range of audiences. She is the recipient of the 2017 New Jersey State Council on the Arts Individual Artist Fellowship Award, the 2017 Dance on the Lawn Emerging Commissioned Choreographer Award and the 2015/2017 Jersey (New) Moves Emerging Choreographers Fellowship.

Content Manager

Location: Summit, NJ

Teaching Environment: PK-12

Favorite Product: Deck of Cards Bundle

Degree: B.A. in Dance Education & Ed.M. Dance Education

Melissa Gaul (she/her) is the Content Manager and Video Editor at Dance Ed Tips. Melissa joined the DETeam in 2020. She is a middle school dance teacher for Union City Public Schools. Melissa has presented at the National Dance Education Organization (NDEO) 2017 Conference in San Antonio, TX and for the New York City Department of Education dance teachers in 2021. When Melissa isn't working for DET or teaching, you can find her spending time relaxing at Martha's Vineyard or playing with her dog, Wally!

Content Developer

Location: Macomb, MI

Teaching Environment: Studio

Favorite Product: Warm Up Cards

Degree: B.A. in Media Studies and Communication

Cortney King (she/her) is a Content Developer and Brand Ambassador for Dance Ed Tips.  Since 2003, she has been sharing her passion for dance, movement, and performance with dancers of all ages and levels.  Specializing in Tap, Hip Hop and Jazz, her students and choreography consistently place in the top
10 at numerous competitions.  Teaching is her true passion, and she is grateful to have been invited as a guest teacher to many studios.  As a member of the Detroit Tap Repertory performance company, Cortney performs consistently at small and large events throughout the year.  Continuing education and personal growth is another passion of hers.  Cortney is certified in STOTT Pilates and PBT (Progressing Ballet Technique), and believes true technique comes from understanding your body from the inside out.  Her calm and positive nature creates an encouraging and motivating atmosphere where dancers can feel safe to make mistakes, try new things and grow as movers and humans.  When she isn’t dancing in the studio, you can find her cooking and dancing in the kitchen with her husband and 3 fantastic kids! 

Social Media Coordinator

Location: Tampa, FL

Teaching Environment: Private Studio

Favorite Product: Cards vs. Dancers™

Degree: B.A. in Dance and a B.A. in Communication

Jeanne-Marie Branche is a senior double major at the University of Tampa. She is earning her Bachelors Degree in Dance and Communication. Jeanne-Marie has experience performing, teaching, and choreographing in the Tampa Bay community. She has her own blog called Dancers of the Light that gives advice and tips for surviving the dance world / performing arts world. Jeanne-Marie is also starting her own non-profit organization called The Freedom Dance Project. This non-profit aims to raise awareness of the issue of child sex-trafficking and will bring healing to survivors through dance and movement.

Communications Coordinator

Location: Hillsville, VA

Teaching Environment: Private Studio

Favorite Product: Emotional Wellness Bundle for Middle/High School

Degree: B.S. in Theatre & Dance Performance and Minor in Interdisciplinary Writing & Speech

Katie Wilber (she/her) is the Communications Coordinator at Dance Ed Tips as of 2021. Katie is also a dance teacher at Carroll County Dance Center (Virginia) and a Social Media Coordinator for various organizations across the Midwest. Her performing career with Inlet Dance Theatre (Ohio) most notably includes performing at Jacob’s Pillow as part of the Inside/Out Series in 2016 and performing the leading role in the internationally renowned production of “What Do You Do With An Idea?” at the International Performing Arts for a Youth Conference in Philadelphia in 2020. In Ohio, Katie also established the Newton D. Baker Dance Program and Student Dance Ensemble in 2017 and oversaw the program for 3 years. If Katie isn't teaching or working inside arts administration, she is probably playing with her dogs, scouting out the best cup of coffee, or dancing somewhere outside!

DETconnect Liaison & Content Developer

Location: Bordentown, NJ

Teaching Environment: Higher Education & Pk-12 Schools

Favorite Product: Under-Represented Black Dance Artist Bundle

Degree: B.A. in English & Biology, M.Ed. in Science Education, Post-Graduate Certificate in Museum Sciences, Shakespearian Scholar at Oxford University, & Post-Graduate in Certificate in Informal and Experiential Learning from Oregon State University.

Kate Sommerhalter (she/her) is a career educator having taught preschool through college level classes in public, private, & charter schools in rural, suburban and urban settings where she has also been a content supervisor, curriculum director, assistant superintendent, & principal. Growing up in close proximity to New York City, her love of the arts began as a child frequently attending performances & visiting museums and galleries. This passion continued through her formal education where she pursued Shakespearian studies at Oxford University, fine and performing arts, educational administration, & the sciences. Her eye is always focused on multidisciplinary opportunities which highlight the joy of life-long learning.

Dance Ed Tips Interns

Eve Álas (she/her) Translator and Administrative Intern

Tylan Porterfield (she/her) Marketing Intern

Sammi Rudner (she/her) Content Development Intern

Mala Shah (she/her) Marketing Intern

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