Modern Dance Icons Video Library


Product Intro

Easily incorporate our ready-made movement exercises into your classes, immersing your students in the distinctive styles of the six iconic modern dance figures highlighted in our Modern Dance Icons Curriculum Kit. Simply plug and play these videos to help your dancers embody the unique movement styles of these icons.

Recommended Ages

5-10, 11-13, 14+

Artistic Processes

Connecting, Responding

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Enhance your students' dance education experience with our Modern Dance Icons Video Library, a dynamic companion to our Modern Dance Icons Curriculum Kit.

Elevate your classes by:
  • Seamlessly integrating ready-made, in-studio movement exercises tailored to each featured icon.
  • Refreshing your lesson plans and saving valuable time in curriculum preparation.
  • Providing a visual aide for your dancers. We encourage you to pause, rewind, and replay to dive deeper into the nuances and techniques associated with each dance icon. 

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