How to create a virtual dance showcase using pre-recorded videos & Zoom!


  • Are you and your dancers upset that the recital is cancelled? Create an event you and your dancers can look forward to!
  • Want to showcase your dancers’ hard work? A virtual showcase will highlight the dancers’ work in a fun and new way!
  • Not sure what option is the best for you? Learn 3 different ways you can produce a virtual showcase, so you can pick the option that works for you!
  • Not the best with technology? Get easy step-by-step directions on how to produce an amazing showcase!



During this 90 mins webinar, I will be sharing:


  1. 3 different ideas on how to host a virtual dance showcase!
  2. Breaking down steps on how you can produce one too!
  3. Giving you my recommendations on apps & tools to get the job done!


Last week it hit me how horribly Covid-19 is affecting my dancers, especially my seniors.


Think back to when you were a teenager....


Every year your recital was your ROCKSTAR event.


It’s the one day of the year where all eyes are on you, where you get to do the thing that you’re good at, and you get to full on SHINE!


Not being able to create that moment for my students this year is absolutely heartbreaking.


The other day I spoke with my seniors and we all had tears in our eyes, realizing that they were going to miss out on this final moment.  


This event that they’ve been looking forward to their whole dance careers in now… gone.


When I got off that Zoom call, I was determined to create the best version of a virtual showcase that I could, because my kids - like yours - deserve it.


They’ve worked so hard and deserve some type of culminating event, some type of end product to showcase all their hard work.


So, over the past 2 weeks I’ve begun to put the pieces together to host a virtual showcase for my dancers.  


I’ve learned A LOT of things along the way and I want to share my recommendations, hints, and helpful tools that I’ve figured out through this process.


Because let’s be real….


In-person recitals are most likely NOT going to happen.


I hate to admit it, but that’s the reality we’re in.


I know we keep saying that we’re going to push the date off...but I think this quarantine stuff is going to restrict us for a while and even through the summer.


So, we need to think outside of the box and create something unique and memorable for our dancers who have been working so hard.


Why should you learn how to do this with us?  

Dance ED Tips has been leading the dance education world on how to adapt to online dance teaching before Covid-19 even started. We’ve been providing resources, online courses, blog posts, and social media posts on this topic since 2017.


And, since the pandemic has started, we have created even more tools and resources for dance educators, just like you, to help you get through the hardship and uncertainty of the times we live in.


But, you want to know what makes us really credible?

We’re in your shoes.

Our entire team is made up of dance educators in studios, PK-12 schools, and universities going through the exact same thing as you. 


So you don’t need to explain yourself, how you’re feeling, or what problems you’re facing… because we 100% get it! 

And, we have an arsenal of resources, tools, and experience to help you get through this.



Here are what people have said about our this webinar:

"Thank you so much for the webinar! It definitely helped me to clarify what to do so that I can offer a special moment that will make my dancers feel as special as they are!"


"Thank you very much for sharing everything you have learned with all these new ways of performing."


"Thank you for doing this! I was already planning to do a virtual concert but needed to make sure that I have thought thru everything so this was so helpful."


"Thank you! This was great! It definitely helped figure out how to proceed for the end of the year and showcase my students' work!"


"I've been looking for a way to stay connected to my families. Thank you!"


"Thank you for always having timely and relevant material for dance educators! I am thankful for your thorough presentations and detail!"


So, what will you get if you sign up right now?


  1. A 90 min webinar - ($127 value)
  2. Access to the webinar replay- ($47 value)
  3. Access to my Presentation Slides- ($27 value)


All of this is valued at $201 and we’re giving it to you for $47!


Why am I giving this big discount?

Because, I get it. Times are hard and budgets are tight. And, I want to give you the maximum value possible for the lowest price possible.



P.S. Listen, I know you may be holding onto hope for an in-person recital, but you NEED to have a back up plan. If your normal recital doesn’t end up happening, you will want to have SOMETHING to show for your dancers’ hard work. This webinar will help you do that.


P.P.S. 4 weeks from now you don’t want to be kicking yourself that you didn’t have some type of plan if things didn’t work out with your in-person recital. In this webinar, we will give you 3 options on virtual dance showcases, a step-by-step guide on how to produce one, and a list of recommended resources to do it.