Performance Prep Games Bundle


Product Intro

The Performance Prep Game Bundle is designed to get you the cleanest dance ever in 5 hours or less without drilling or burning out your dancers!

Recommended Ages

5-10, 11-13, 14+

Artistic Processes

Performing, Responding, Connecting

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The Performance Prep Games (digital) Bundle includes 6 games and activities to make monotonous task of cleaning your dances fun and engaging for you and your dancers!

  • The Clean Dance Dashboard (Score your dance through multiple lenses and determine which areas need the most work.)
  • Clean From Head to Toe (Technique & Lines)
  • Rhythm in Motion (Musicality & Timing)
  • Formation Foundations (Formations & Transitions)
  • Can You Feel It? (Expression & Stage Presence)
  • The Show Must Go On (Performance Readiness) 

Download today and use them tonight! If you're feeling fancy you can even print and laminate!

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