This Canva template is a document that will help you communicate clearly with families, administrators, staff what your plan is for teaching dance this Fall 2020.

This plan is that a combination of:

  • Good educational practices
  • Good business & communication practices

The reality is…. People don’t buy into the BEST plan. They buy into the plan that’s EASIEST to understand.


This template is made so that you can easily use/adapt all the images and text.


With this template:

  • You’ll have a clear, well-organized plan that will make you feel confident and prepared to tackle teaching dance Fall 2020
  • Your dance families/employers/staff/administration will see that you’ve got this tough situation under control
  • Everyone will feel GOOD about sending students back to dance with you
  • This document will also cover your behind so people will know the measures you took to make health and safety the #1 priority
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