DET's Ultimate Dance Games Guide

Dance Ed Tips | 26 July, 2022

            Ultimate Dance Games Guide

You may have heard that playing games in dance class isn’t educational. WRONG! We are here to debunk that myth once and for all for dance teachers everywhere. There are many perks to playing games during class. Ok, we’re not talking about “Duck Duck Goose” or “Tag” but dance-related games that are geared towards continuing dancers' education in a fun, digestible way where they actually remember what they learned! 

Turning dance concepts into games does several things for your dancers: 

  • They get excited about the material itself
  • They remember what they learned because it was FUN
  • They get to exercise their bodies and brains in different ways
  • They work together and develop stronger relationship amongst their peers 

As for you, you also get to take a break from having to teach an intense day of coursework or material that, let’s be honest, sometimes feels daunting for even us, the teacher! 

Here at Dance Ed Tips, we are all dance teachers, too. We have tried (and often failed!) many different ways to get our students excited about things like:

  • Vocabulary 
  • Improvisation
  • Choreography
  • Warmups
  • Dance history 
  • Feedback

If our students don’t feel successful, we don’t feel successful and that's a hard feeling to have to repeat year after year. 

Dance Ed Tips was created to solve these problems! We pride ourselves in being the ultimate one-stop-shop place for dance games and activities your students will be BEGGING you to play. We know! We’ve tested these products on dancers around the world and THEY ACTUALLY WORK. 

Let’s talk about out top 8 best-selling games that are in hundreds of dance teachers’ bags across the world:

  1. Dance Games Variety Bundle
  2. Online Dance Games for Zoom
  3. Dancing Animals Cards & Games
  4. Welcome Games
  5. Vocabulary Cards: Ballet Vocab & Laban Vocab 
  6. Warm Up Cards
  7. Movement Cards
  8. Feedback Cards
  9. Cards vs. Dancers
1. Dance Games Variety Bundle

This Dance Games Variety Bundle is great for all ages, levels and styles of dance! Get your students excited about learning technique and/or improvisation through these team oriented games! This bundle of 6 amazing games is fun for dancers of all ages and levels! 

Games include:

  • Emoji Dance
  • Center Stage 
  • Levels Tournament
  • Welcome to the Party
  • Speed Dance Challenge
  • What’s Your Move

Ultimate Guide to Dance Games: Dance Games Variety Bundle

2. Online Dance Games for Zoom 

We created this product during 2020 as a way to get dancers excited about learning dance online. However, these 8 interactive games for Zoom can be played online and in-person. Each game comes with instructions for both online and in-person and works for students of all ages! You can create so many varieties for each game.

Games include:

  • What’s In Your Dance Bag?
  • Most Likely to Dance Pictionary
  • Choreo Bingo
  • Spatial Relationship
  • Cubes (with 3 different cube templates)
  • The Countdown Review
  • ABC’s of Dance
  • Dance Scattegories 

Ultimate Dance Games Guide: Online Dance Games for Zoom

3. Dancing Animal Detectives Cards & Games

This digital bundle includes 110 cards that you can use for choreography, improvisation, dance games, and much more. It also includes instructions for 7 dance games and 4 traditional card games. These are great for PK-12 dance teachers, studio teachers, and dance camps! 

Games include:

  • Animal Track Freeze Dance
  • Shapes and Gaits
  • Animal Name Game
  • Woodland Animal Choreography
  • Animal Scenarios Improvisation
  • Animal Walk Off
  • Animal Charades

Ultimate Dance Games Guide: Dancing Animal Detectives Cards & Games

4. Welcome Games for Elementary SchoolMiddle/High School

This bundle of 6 dance-themed icebreakers and games will get your students comfortable and moving in no time! Start off the year right and keep your students engaged all year long with these digital downloads of 6 different games introducing your students to each other, dance classroom settings, etiquette, and expectations. We have two different sets appropriate for elementary school as well as middle/high school ages. 

Elementary games include:

  • Dance and Go Seek
  • Dance Dicebreaker
  • Dance Telephone
  • Body Shape Bingo
  • Dance Class Search
  • My Year in Dance

Ultimate Dance Games Guide: Welcome Games

Middle/high school games include:

  • 10 Things in Common
  • Dance and Go Seek
  • Dance Dicebreaker
  • Dance Bingo
  • 4 Corners
  • Get to Know You

Ultimate Dance Games Guide: Welcome Games

5. Vocabulary Cards

Our vocabulary cards are one of our top-selling products! We have our Ballet Vocab CardsBasic Laban Vocab Cards, and Advanced Laban Vocab Cards. There are so many different ways to use this physical product in your classroom! One of our favorite responses from students is, “Wow! I feel like I actually remember my ballet vocabulary now!” The Ballet Vocab Cards is a 36-card deck that helps your dancers learn how to properly say and write ballet terminology. This pack can be used for word walls, vocabulary identification, games, improvisation, or creating choreography. Our BasicAdvanced Laban Vocab Cards include 52 cards that make Laban Movement Analysis fun and exciting. These cards will help your students learn shapes, levels, and pathways, as well as body shaping, flow, effort, and more! 

One idea of how to use these vocabulary cards is to play a similar version of “Simon Says.” Using the same structure, just say (or don’t say) “Teacher Says” and flash a card to your students! Psst, now that you’re adding an extra level to the game of them having to read the vocabulary card, they often forget if you said, “Teacher Says” or not. 

Ultimate Dance Games Guide: Ballet Vocab Cards

Ultimate Dance Games Guide: Basic Laban Vocab Cards

Ultimate Dance Games Guide: Advanced Laban Vocab Cards

6. Warm Up Cards

Warm Up Cards are an excellent way to keep your regular warm ups fun and engaging. This 52-card deck includes 4 different phases of a good warm up:

  • Gradual pulse raiser
  • Joint mobilizer
  • Short stretches
  • 2nd pulse raiser 

When you’re running behind and need your students to warm themselves up, this is a great way to ensure they’re actually getting everything they need!

Ultimate Dance Games Guides: Warm Up Cards

7. Movement Cards

Movement Cards are the perfect way to spark inspiration and creativity not only for your students, but for yourself, too! This 56-card deck includes descriptive words, action words, and movement quality examples to help your students navigate through improvisation or their own choreography. Maybe you’re feeling stuck in a new piece? Pull out these cards and spark new ideas for yourself! Another great way to utilize these cards is to spice up everyone’s favorite - Freeze Dance. Have your students draw a card from the deck and then when you turn on the music, all the students have to move in a specific way! 

Ultimate Dance Games Guide: Movement Cards

8. Feedback Cards 

This deck of 60 cards is the perfect way to encourage your students to give and receive feedback. These Feedback Cards include sentence starters for your students to provide meaningful feedback. Cards are a great resource for every classroom. They make learning hands-on, fun, and memorable! With these Feedback Cards, students will be able to give helpful suggestions and thoughtful compliments to their peers by using the sentence starters on each card. The cards help dancers give feedback on performance quality, musicality, and choreography!  

Ultimate Dance Games Guide: Feedback Cards

9. Cards vs. Dancers

Our ALL TIME best-selling product is Cards vs. Dancers! It’s basically a dancer version of Apples to Apples! This is a great way to build community in your classroom and is sure to have everyone laughing. This game can be played in school as a community builder, with friends as a card game, or with teachers who need to spend some time relaxing with other dance teachers. It’s super easy. Each round, one dancer reads aloud a purple card. The other dancers respond with their silliest white card. The result? Lots of laughs and endless memories with your dance friends! 

By purchasing this product, you will receive 162 cards in the Cards vs. DancersDeck for a hilarious fill-in-the-blank game. 

Ultimate Dance Games Guide: Cards vs. Dancers™

As you can see there are so many advantages to playing educational, yet fun, dance games in the classroom or studio. We have some examples listed above but use your own imagination and come up with even more ways to use these products! Maybe your students will even have some ideas of their own! 

We hope dance teachers and dance students everywhere can enjoy all the fun there is to have within dance. After all, that’s why we do what we do - to see the joy on our students' faces at the end of a great dance class!