Back to School Kit: Latinx Dance

Dance Ed Tips | 18 August, 2021

            Back to School Kit: Latinx Dance

Our Back to School Kits are out and better than ever! We want you to stay as up to date and creative as possible, so we have come up with a few different bundles to help you achieve that. The first one is our Latinx Dance Bundle, which has anelementary and amiddle/high schoolversion.

The goal of the Latinx Dance Bundle is to create resources so more dancers can learn about the dances and to showcase the rich heritage that is their foundation. It includes 5 fact sheets, 10 worksheets, a deck of cards, posters, and a teacher packet!

The Latinx Dance Bundle is a learning packet designed to:

  •  Honor and celebrate the tradition of dance in Latinx culture
  •  Decolonize the curriculum
  •  Increase the amount and accessibility of resources on Latinx topics
  •  Represent diversity in dance
  •  Teach for social justice
  •  Recognize the outstanding global contributions of Latinx communities

The Latinx Dance Bundle is focused on sharing information on some of the major Latinx dance forms and their associated countries. This bundle is primarily focused on the traditional forms of these dances versus the ballroom version. The goal of this bundle is to create resources so more dancers can learn about the dances and to showcase the rich heritage that is their foundation, while also perhaps entering an important dialogue for all participants about identity (i.e., Who am I? Where am I from? How did I get here?).

We are committed to giving rightful credit to the global Latinx dance communities that have created and molded the dance forms we know and love today. Importantly, these dances continue to be widely enjoyed by countless individuals in the United States!

This Kit focuses on the following traditional dances:

  • Salsa
  • Merengue
  • Flamenco
  • el Jarabe Tapatío
  • Samba

This bundle will get your dancers learning about and discussing: 

  • Terminology

  • Identity
  • Traditional vs Ballroom styles
  • Origin
  • Colonization
  • Giving rightful credit to global Latinx dance communities

This digital bundle includes:

  • A poster for each of the 5 styles 
  • Fact sheets that give an overview of the origin, movement, music, and costume for each style
  • Activity and question sheets for each style
  • A deck of cards 
  • A Teacher Packet

Latinx Dance Cards

Dance Ed Tips' Latinx Dance Cards are an interactive way for students to learn about dance history and traditional Latinx dance styles.

In this deck, we've provided illustrations of the dance styles, some of their accessories or props, and musical instruments, along with descriptions for each illustration.  This makes these cards a great launchpad for discussions about the complexity and significance behind each of the dance styles.

These cards also can be used for:

  • Improvisation prompts
  • Choreography
  • Matching
  • Class discussions
  • And much more!