The Under-Represented Black Dance Artists Bundle is an incredible learning packet designed to:


  1. Celebrate and honor our ancestors in dance who are often overlooked or forgotten
  2. Increase the amount and accessibility of resources on Black Dance Artists
  3. Decolonize the curriculum
  4. Represent diversity in dance education
  5. Teach for social justice


The URBDA bundle is focused on sharing information on the struggles these artists faced, their contributions to dance, and their legacy that lives on today. The goal of this bundle is to create resources so more dancers can learn about these incredible artists. Lastly, we are committed to giving rightful credit to the Black Dance Artists who have created and molded the dance forms we know and love.  


This Kit focuses on the following Black Dance Artists:


  1. Josephine Baker
  2. Pepsi Bethel
  3. Katherine Dunham
  4. William Henry Lane (aka Master Juba)
  5. Pearl Primus
  6. Bill “Bojangles” Robinson
  7. Earl “Snakehips” Tucker


A portion of the proceeds of every sale of this bundle will go directly towards the International Association of Blacks in Dance and the NAACP’s Legal Defense and Education Fund.


This Bundle includes:


  1. Poster of all 7 artists $11
  2. Individual posters of each artist (Pack of 7) $21
  3. Fact Sheets on each artist (Pack of 7) $27
  4. Worksheet packet on each artist (Pack of 7) $67
  5. URBDA Deck of Cards (Includes 30 cards) $23
  6. Timeline Worksheets (Pack of 2) $13
  7. Venn Diagram Worksheets (Pack of 2) $13
  8. Making Connections Worksheets (Pack of 4) $27
  9. Things in Common Worksheet $7
  10. Cut-Out Choreography Worksheets (Pack of 2) $11
  11. Stand up Solutions Worksheet $7
  12. Ancestors Worksheet $7



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Please note: This is a DIGITAL product that you will receive via email. Because this is a digital product, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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