Under-Represented Black Dance Artists Bundle


Product Intro

The goal of this digital bundle is to share a variety of resources so more dancers can learn about these incredible artists. We are committed to giving rightful credit to the Black Dance Artists who have created and molded the dance forms we know and love.

Recommended Ages

11-13, 14+

Artistic Processes

Creating, Performing, Responding, Connecting

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This bundle is focused on sharing information on the struggles these artists faced, their contributions to dance, and their legacy that lives on today.

The Under-Represented Black Dance Artists Bundle is an incredible learning packet designed to:

  • Celebrate and honor our ancestors in dance who are often overlooked or forgotten
  • Increase the amount and accessibility of resources on Black Dance Artists
  • Decolonize the curriculum
  • Represent diversity in dance education
  • Teach for social justiceĀ 

Here's what other dance teachers have said:


Sector: Elementary School

Age Group: 5-11

How they used this product:
Assigned students to create a newspaper article about different under-represented black artists

My 3rd grade classes are using the bundle (dancer fact sheets) to create a newspaper page about one of the dancers via google slide template. The newspaper has different 'articles' about various aspects of the dancer's life. Thank you for the wonderful resource!


Sector: Elementary

Age Group: 5-11

How they used this product:
Shared facts & videos from the bundle

Just showed my kindergarteners the Bill Bojangles Robinson poster, shared a few facts, and then shows his staircase dance with Shirley Temple. They loved it!


Sector: Middle School

Age Group: 11-13

How they used this product:
Shared resources from the bundle

As a black educator I feel that it's important for my students to feel seen and be seen when it comes to curriculum and empowering their learning. Dance resources are very limited when it comes to diversity and inclusion but Dance Ed Tips has been paving the way by creating spaces where black and brown bodies in dance are represented to this younger generation.

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