Ultimate Recital Toolkit

Putting on a recital doesn't have to be a headache!  With the right tools, you can put on a show without the burn-out.

Enjoy a Stress free Recital Season with The Ultimate Recital Toolkit!

The Ultimate Recital Toolkit is a 10 Module Course to help you plan and implement a stress-free recital season!

What are the Lessons/Tools in this Course?

1) Costume Checklist

2) Recital T-Shirt Calculator

3) The Ticket Promoter System

4) Stage Makeup Charts

5) The Recital Portal System

6) The Faculty Reminder System

7) Stage Manager Spreadsheet

8) Recital Program Template

9) Backstage Playbook

10) The Recital Review System

... Literally everything you need to make your recital simple, systemized and stress-free.

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  • Stress of chasing down choreographers
  • Crickets in the audience
  • Long hours of work sorting lighting cues and show details
  • An overflow of recital shirts after the show
  • Dozens of parent questions flooding your inbox
  • Confused and frustrated teachers
  • Feeling burnt out before the show


  • More Ticket Sales
  • Informed & Satisfied Families
  • Unified Faculty
  • Excited Students and Choreographers
  • Professional Brand Representation
  • Organized and Prepared Stage Crew
  • Time to Relax and ENJOY the Show!

Sold out

Sold out