This Building Technique Progressions online course teaches you the Dance ED Tips method for designing effective technique classes.

We help you establish technique goals for your students and teach you how to create excellent exercises that build on each other. Using our progressions method your dancers will be nailing challenging dance steps quicker than ever before!

The course takes 3 hours or less to complete and includes:

  • 8 easy-to-follow modules with videos

  • Completed examples to follow

  • 6 PDF templates and worksheets

  • Certificate of completion for 3 professional development hours


How will this course help you?

If you’re confused about why your students’ technique isn’t improving, it’s probably because you’re not designing your class in the most effective way. You want your exercises to work together so that students can reach their goals. This course will help you plan out your year for your technique classes. We will give you a system to create technique goals for each month and a method to create exercises that will make your dancers achieve those goals.
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