Curriculum design doesn’t have to take over your life.

Get all of your planning done in 8 weeks!

DET’s Roundtable is an 8-week program that will transform you from an overwhelmed lesson planner into a confident curriculum design expert! We will help you create a fully customized yearlong curriculum that fits you and your dancers’ needs. By the end of the 8 weeks, you will have created everything you need to teach your dance classes for the entire year.  

Begins on Tuesday, July 9 and ends on August 27.

What you won’t get:

  • Late nights of last minute lesson planning
  • Anxiety that you don’t know what to teach
  • Wasting time creating new units and lesson plans every year
  • Units, lessons, and assessments that flop
  • Inconsistent results with your dancers


What you will get:

  • A yearlong curriculum you can use over and over
  • More free time during the school year
  • University-quality training and resources
  • Individual attention and personalized feedback
  • Reusable templates
  • Consistent results
  • Lifetime access


What is included:

  • Weekly 1.5 hour LIVE group video calls
  • All video call recordings, so you don’t miss anything!
  • 2 private 30 minute calls to review your curriculum
  • Private Facebook group to ask questions and get feedback
  • Template to create Teaching Vision
  • Template for Yearlong Curricular Map
  • Template for Unit Maps
  • Template for Lesson Plans
  • Template for Assessments
  • Access to all Resources & Videos
  • Weekly feedback on all assignments and steps in the process
  • Additional materials/resources that would support your units


DET’s K-12 Roundtable is perfect for:

  • Dance educators who want to create a curriculum they will reuse for years.
  • Dance educators who want to plan their whole year ahead of time.
  • K-12 dance educators that did not attend a teacher preparation program.
  • First year dance educators.


DET’s K-12 Roundtable is not for:

  • Teachers who are not willing to show up for the group calls or do the weekly assignments.
  • Teachers who are not willing to look at their teaching through a new lens or perspective.
  • Teachers who want a ready-made curriculum; however, our ready-to-teach materials are perfect for this! Click here to check them out!  
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Roundtable Topics:


  • Week 1: Teaching Vision

What is my unique perspective on dance education? What do I believe and value in dance teaching? What are the unique features and circumstances of my school that affect my teaching?


  • Week 2: Standards and Artistic Processes

What are the National Dance Standards? How can I align my teaching vision with the National Dance Standards?   What are the ways I can engage my students in dance?


  • Week 3: Yearlong Planning

What concepts will I cover throughout the year? What is the best way to organize my year? When is the best time to cover certain topics?


  • Week 4: Curricular Goals & Unit Maps

What are my goals for each unit? What is the overall trajectory of each unit?  


  • Week 5: Learning Objectives

What are my specific learning objectives for each unit? How do I connect my learning objectives to the National Dance Standards?


  • Week 6: Assessment

How do I use assessment to track progress? What assessments will I use throughout each unit?


  • Week 7: Lesson Structure

What should my lesson plan look like?   What activities will I do in each lesson? How can my activities stay connected to the National Dance Standards and my assessments?


  • Week 8: Implementing Curriculum, Delivering Effective Lessons, & Final Questions

What are other things I should take into consideration when delivering my lesson plans? How can I be the most effective teacher I can be?