• Are you afraid to include lifts in your choreography?
  • Are you afraid students will get hurt learning partnering in your class?
  • Do you want to include partnering in your technique classes and choreography but don't know how?

Learn how to safely teach partnerning and lifts to students of all ages in this online course. We will be providing you with:

  • Diagrams, images, and worksheets breaking down the principles of partnering
  • Videos breaking down beginner, intermediate, and advanced lifts from multiple angles
  • Contact improvisation exercises that we recommend

The course is self-paced and once you have purchased it you have permanent access.


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What Dance Teachers are Saying:

"The students in my classroom are loving to work together and do partner work that I learned how to teach from this course. They're also excited to explore contact improvisation. Thank you for this course! It was awesome!"

Valerie C.

"The online platform is easy to use and access the videos/content. The instructor is knowledgeable and inspires further thought.

Audrey B.


"This course is very thorough and offers concise explanations and the video demonstrations are very helpful!"

Kim T.


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