Getting parents to buy in to your dance program can make a big difference! In order to get there, we have to educate the parents! We’ve created these 5 dance advocacy tools that you can use to get your parents on board and help them become advocates for your program.

This Parent Pack includes:

  1. Important Dates Template
    • This is a colorful template where you can list your important dates and share with families and post in your studio.
  2. 10 Ways You Can Support Your Child’s Dance Education
    • This resource includes 10 reasons how parents and guardians can support their children to have the best dance education.This is a great resource to give parents when their child joins your class.
  3. 10 Reasons Why You Can Feel Good about your Child Being in Dance
    • This resource includes 10 reasons why dance is beneficial for students. All 10 points are supported by research gathered by the National Dance Education Organization in their 2013 report: Evidence: A Report on the Impact of Dance Education in the K-12 Setting. This is a great resource to give parents when their child joins your class.
  4. An Update from the Dance Teacher
    • This sheet is for you to write a quick note to parents about what their child is learning in dance, the progress the child has made, and what they need to improve on.
  5. 21st Century Skills Learned through Dance
    • This infographic is a great resource for parents on how dance can help their child learn life skills.This is also great to hang in your studio.


All you have to do is print everything out and make copies!

Please note: This is a DIGITAL product that you will receive via email. Because this is a digital product, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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