• Are you wondering how those teachers on Instagram get their students to be so good?
  • Are you looking to get better at planning your technique classes and don't know how?
  • Are you unsure why your dancers' technique isn't improving as quickly as you want?

The answer is simple: You have to design your own technique progressions.

In this LIVE WORKSHOP, we will teach you:

  1. The proven system to create effective technique progressions.
  2. Excellent exercises you can implement in your own classroom.
  3. Strategies and methods that will make your dancers improve quickly.


This course is designed for studio teachers, PK-12 teachers, and professors.

If you're ready to transform your teaching, join us on AUGUST 12.


Monday, August 12


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12 St Marks Pl, Studio 3F, New York, NY 10003



Teachers: $77

Non-Profit: $67

Students: $37


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What Dance Teachers are Saying:

"The Building Technique Progressions Workshop, was an excellent way to start off my planning for the upcoming dance season. Olivia provided a clear and applicable method of generating fluid and successful technique classes. Her easy to use worksheets and tools provided in the workshop makes designing effective, goal-oriented technique progressions a breeze!"

Hannah Sego

"As a K-12 Dance teacher, technique is not always my main focus. What was great about the tools and worksheets Olivia provided is that they can be applied to teaching concepts such as the elements of dance as well. I cannot wait to apply these tools this coming school year and I look forward to attending Olivia’s future workshops!"

Susie McNulty

"The class helped me jumpstart the planning process for the year for my studio classes[...]I left the class feeling refreshed, excited and inspired to bring this teaching approach to my students! Olivia's versatility in her teaching experiences allowed her to modify and connect the workshop to each educator in the room, regardless of their teaching setting."

Caitlin Rodriguez

"As someone still new to teaching, the Building Technique Progressions Workshop helped me to see what I've been doing right, what I've been doing wrong and how I can improve as a teacher. It gave me a clear idea of how a class should be set up and what exercises should be done to reach an end goal."

Cassidy Quinn

"As a middle school dance educator in a public school I found that “Building Technique Progressions Workshop” offered me inquiry into revising ways I can carry out a clearer intention throughout each exercise I do with my students in order to work toward a certain skill and or even concept. In public school dance education we are often pressed for time and the clearer we can be during each session with this intention is extremely valuable!"

Denise Brown

“I recently had the opportunity to attend her workshop on Building Technique Progressions and would highly recommend it to all. It offered great material for year long class planning, thought provoking questions to my teaching approach and a positive learning experience. Olivia and her team were great to meet in person and I look forward to the next one!"

Nicole DiCaprio