This Back to School Kit contains all of our latest resources to make online and in-person dance teaching fun and engaging! We know that you may not know how you’re teaching dance and that you might have to suddenly switch. ALL of these materials come can be used in-person and online and will keep you going for months!!


These kits are really all about inspiring your teaching­­­–keeping you up-to-date with all the latest and giving you tons of ideas to keep things fresh and exciting. You will find HUNDREDS of ways to use these materials for years to come.


This Kit includes:


  1. Sub Plans (Pack of 3) $27
  2. Welcome Games (Pack of 3) $27
  3. Absent Assignment $17
  4. Choreography Scenarios Packet $17
  5. Am I Ready? Posters (Pack of 2) $11
  6. Feedback Poster $17
  7. Get to Know You Worksheet & Google Form Template $17
  8. Online Learning & Social Distancing Learning Expectations $14
  9. Inquiries in Dance Choreography Project $17
  10. Feedback Cards $17
  11. Improv Cards $17
  12. Poster of all 7 artists $11
  13. Individual posters of each artist (Pack of 7) $21
  14. Fact Sheets on each artist (Pack of 7) $27
  15. Worksheet packet on each artist (Pack of 7) $67
  16. URBDA Deck of Cards (Includes 30 cards) $23
  17. Timeline Worksheets (Pack of 2) $13
  18. Venn Diagram Worksheets (Pack of 2) $13
  19. Making Connections Worksheets (Pack of 4) $27
  20. Things in Common Worksheet $7
  21. Cut-Out Choreography Worksheets (Pack of 2) $11
  22. Stand up Solutions Worksheet $7
  23. Ancestors Worksheet $7



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Please note: This is a DIGITAL product that you will receive via email. Because this is a digital product, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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