Thanks for purchasing a group subscription! Welcome to SPOTlight™!

To get your students started with SPOTlight, have them follow these 3 easy steps!

What does your SPOTlight ™ score mean?

SPOTlight™ uses a proprietary computer-vision algorithm to score your dancing! Track your progress and watch your score increase as you improve!

Have students share their SPOTlight videos with you!

With SPOTlight, dancers can share their analyzed video with a secure link!

How to have the best experience with SPOTlight™!

Use these helpful tips to get the most accurate score.

Group Subscription FAQs

When I login, I see that 1 of the seats I've purchased is already taken. Why is that so?

As the teacher, you are using one of your subscription seats. You can use all of the SPOTlight features and access all the videos.

I'm on my phone, and I can't follow the steps to add my students. What is happening?

Adding students must be done from a computer. This future will be coming to mobile shortly.

How can students share their videos and scores with me?

Have your students log in to their account on a phone. Have them click on the video they'd like to submit. Students will see a share button and can click on it. Students will be prompted to select the teacher that will be allowed to see their video. This will produce a secure link that they can copy and paste to share with you.

I'm on my computer, and I can't view the video my student submitted. What is happening?

Viewing students' videos must be done from a phone. This feature will be coming to computers in the near future.

I'm getting a 0 score. What's happening?

A 0 score means that something in your video has prevented the analysis from happening. It can be caused by:

-Poor lighting

-Having too many body parts out of frame

-Too much clutter

-Having multiple people in the video

Once you've adjusted the items above, try again!

Can I get scored on the right and left side?

Yes, you can! This is a feature you can access as a paid subscriber. After you've selected the move you want to practice, you can decide if you'd like to perform the right or left.

Can I download the app?

Not at the moment. Currently, you can use SPOTlight on your web browser on a computer and on mobile.

Does the web app work with a tablet?

Currently, we support PCs and mobile phones but not tablets. We are planning to add this capability in the future.

​What if I have other questions?

We'd love to hear from you! Feel free to send us an email at ​