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What does your SPOTlight ™ score mean?

SPOTlight™ uses a proprietary computer-vision algorithm to score your dancing! Track your progress and watch your score increase as you improve!

How to have the best experience with SPOTlight™!

Use these helpful tips to get the most accurate score.


I'm getting a 0 score. What's happening?

A 0 score means that something in your video has prevented the analysis from happening. It can be caused by:

-Poor lighting

-Having too many body parts out of frame

-Too much clutter

-Having multiple people in the video

Once you've adjusted the items above, try again!

Can I get scored on the right and left side?

Yes, you can! After you've selected the move you want to practice, you can decide if you'd like to perform the right or left.

Can I download the app?

Not at the moment. Currently, you can use SPOTlight on your web browser on a computer and on mobile.

Does the web app work with a tablet?

Currently, we support PCs and mobile phones but not tablets. We are planning to add this capability in the future.

Do you have group subscriptions?

Yes, we do. With a group subscription, you can share the power of SPOTlight with your students! If you'd like to upgrade your account to a group subscription, email us at

Can I share my videos and scores?

You can share by downloading the video onto your phone or PC. You can then choose to share however you wish. On your mobile phone, you can find the download in your Files --> Download folder.

​What if I have other questions?

We'd love to hear from you! Feel free to send us an email at