Dance ED Tip #60: 5 Mistakes Dance Teachers Make on Instagram & How To Fix Them

For this week's guest blog post, I want to introduce you to Micaela from The Streamlined Studio! I met Micaela earlier this year through Instagram. I was reading the tips and hints she was sharing with her followers about social media and my first thought was "this girl knows what she's talking about!" When I read Micaela's tips, I realized she was giving all the advice that I had personally learned through trial and error.   That means that Micaela's advice will save you time and will ensure you that you are doing things correctly the first time around! So without further ado, let's jump into Micaela's 5 mistakes dance teachers make on instagram and how to fix them!
1. Your account is confusing or impossible to find. This means your bio either doesn’t exist or doesn’t say what you actually do and your account is set to private.
  • Make your profile public! If it’s on private, new followers can’t find you which makes it nearly impossible to increase your following. If you want your account private because you share personal info, then you need to create a separate account just for your brand.

  • Keep it professional. Yes, you need to include a few personal posts to put a face to your brand, but keep it positive! No complaining, no bashing, no drama. Whether you’re a dance teacher, school teacher or studio owner, this is your brand. Represent it well!

  • Optimize your profile so that new-comers know exactly what you do, what you offer and who you serve within 5 seconds. List this information in your bio, make your profile picture a crisp image of you or your logo, and add a link to your website in the website field. PRO TIP: Use emojis to save character space and show personality. (Instagram is funky about formatting here so type it in the notes section of your phone, then copy and paste it into your bio.)

2. All of your posts are quotes or stock photos. This means that you don’t share videos or pictures of what your classes are really like.
  • Each class, take 1-3 short video clips or pictures of your dancers while they warm-up, go across the floor or perform a combo. PRO TIP: This is great to delegate to your assistant! (This will save you lots of time because you are curating as you go rather than creating when you have nothing to post!)

  • Mix it up when you decide to post to your feed vs. your story.

  • Parents enjoy seeing their child's progress and other dancers will want to know what to expect when they sign up!

3. Your last post is more than 5 days old or you haven’t posted since Christmas. This means your account looks dead. At this point, I’m not even sure if you are alive anymore!
  • File the images and footage you get in your classes to a content folder.

  • Screenshot or save any quotes that you feel inspired by or you feel like would inspire your students. File these into a content folder.

  • Use your content folder to populate what’s called a Content Calendar. (This is basically just a calendar where you plan out your posts for the upcoming weeks/months.)

  • Use a social media scheduler like Hootsuite or Buffer to plan out your posts so that they will publish on their own and you don’t have to lift a finger!

4.   You aren’t using #hashtags. (What are hashtags? These are words that you use that follow a # to help your ideal followers find you!)
  • Make a list of words that describe your brand.

  • Make a list of words that describe your posts.

  • Once you’ve created a list of about 30-50 words.

  • Go to the explore section of Instagram and search the words that you’ve listed. Scan the posts that are included in these searches. If your content doesn’t fit, mark out that word.

  • Do the same search again, but this time look at the number next to it. If it’s over 50,000, I wouldn’t use this hashtag because you are less likely to be featured on that page. (Unless your account has over 10,000 followers and amazing engagement.) Mark out any that are ‘too popular’.

  • Next, do the same thing for words that describe your location.

  • Now you have a list of hashtags to use! Text yourself this list so that you have it handy for any time that you post.

  • You can add the hashtags to your caption or in the comments. If you put it in the comments, make sure you add them right after you publish the post!

  • REMEMBER: Instagram doesn’t allow more than 30 hashtags per post.

5. You are having a one-sided conversation. This means that you post to your channel, then close the app. You don’t respond to comments or interact with your followers.
  • Respond to every comment that comes in!

  • Scroll through your followers and engage with their content. Like their posts and comment with genuine thoughts. This will grow your relationships with your followers and increase the engagement on your posts!

  • Go to your studio or school’s page and interact with their followers. These are your ideal followers. Reach out and get to know them. They will notice!

Micaela Crites, Founder and CEO of The Streamlined Studio, was born and raised in Kokomo, Indiana where she began her dance training. She continued her training as a dance major at Western Michigan University where she was a part of Urban Repertoire and Hip-Hop ConnXion.   Later on, Micaela advanced her dance career by completing the Dancer’s Bridge Program at Retter’s Academy of Dance in Agoura Hills, CA. While under the Retters’ mentorship, she had the opportunity to work with Linda and Darryl Retter, Ferly Prado, Lillian Manansala, Brooke Paulsen, Tommy Alexander, Gina Badone, Heidi Jarrett, Galen Hooks, Kayla Frails and many more. While under the Retter’s mentorship, she performed with Disney Jr.’s Choo Choo Soul Live Tour choreographed by Lillian Manansala. She is also captured dancing in North Hollywood Toyota’s TV Commercial, Katja Glieson’s music video “Look At Us”, Mykel and Kyle Thorne’s music video “I’m In Love” and more.


In addition to pursuing a professional dance career, Micaela taught and worked behind the scenes at Retter’s Academy of Dance. She managed their social media and email marketing to improve the customer experience and grow the studio. While working at Retter’s Academy of Dance, she was hired on as Director of Operations at MusicWorks. This is where she found her passion for the technical side of the business and her drive to help studio owners create the studio of their dreams.   She has sat in every chair at the dance studio AND knows the struggles that each position faces. After working in the trenches behind the scenes, she developed The Streamline Studio. The Streamlined Studio has created, tested and PROVEN every system to save you time AND give your customers an experience they’ll love… all without doing the stuff you hate!

Micaela continues to develop new tools for teachers and studio owners to streamline their business and social media.