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Online Courses made for busy dance teachers.

-Save time & money

-Get useful tips

-Transform your teaching


Getting better at teaching dance doesn't have to be complicated.

Dance teachers are busy!

That makes taking online courses challenging.

That is why we created our own online courses for dedicated teachers with busy schedules!

What makes Dance ED Tips' online courses so different?

Dance ED Tips Online Courses Other Online Courses

Courses take 3 hours or less to complete

Courses take 8-12 weeks to complete

Practical information you'll use right away

Long-winded information that you won't use

Ready-to-use resources for you and your dancers

Resources that aren't student-friendly

All courses are self-paced

Courses are stuck to a certain schedule

Affordable and provide lots of value

Pricey and ineffective

Getting started is easy:

1. Find the online course that's right for you.

Choose from 1 of our 3 online courses.

2. Sign up!

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3. Transform your teaching!

Learn easy and effective Dance ED Tips that will transform your teaching.

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  • Partnering and Lifts Online Course
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  • Technique Progressions Course
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  • Dance Classes of the Future Online Course
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