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There are certain things that only other dance teachers will understand. Cards vs. Dancers™ is the perfect game for unwinding after a long night of teaching and will be sure to get everyone laughing! For Ages 18+

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Spice up your dance teacher gatherings with Cards vs. Dance Teachers™!

Get ready for this edgy twist on our classic best-selling game, Cards vs. Dancers™.
How does it work? Simple. In each round, a dancer takes charge and reads aloud a midnight blue card. The rest of the dance teachers counter with their most hilarious gray cards. The result? A riot of laughter and a trove of unforgettable moments with your dance co-workers and friends!

By purchasing this product you will receive 182 cards in the Cards vs. Dance Teachers™ Deck for a hilarious fill-in-the-blank game. For Ages 18+

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