Emotional Wellness Bundle for Elementary School


Product Intro

The goal of this bundle is to provide activities for communicating and embodying feelings and emotions through dance.

Recommended Ages

5-10, 11-13

Artistic Processes

Creating, Performing, Responding, Connecting

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This digital bundle includes:

  • A Mood Meter poster
  • A Poster for the 5 "RULER" skills
  • Sets of worksheets and movement activities for each of the 5 skills covered in this bundle
  • A set of 36 Emotion Cards
  • A Teacher Packet

The Emotional Wellness bundle is designed help your students develop greater social and emotional awareness, while forming and maintaining stronger relationships with others. The activities in this bundle encourage responsible decision making and inspire a positive classroom environment. This bundle can be used consecutively as one large unit of study, intermittently, or in conjunction with other topics. We encourage you to use these resources as a framework to meet your students’ needs.

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