Careers in Dance Bundle for Elementary School


Product Intro

This digital bundle gives you everything you need to teach your students about 8 different career choices in dance. It includes 8 fact sheets, 8 worksheets, and a poster!

Recommended Ages

5-10, 11-13

Artistic Processes

Creating, Performing, Responding, Connecting

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This digital bundle includes:

  • A poster with 8 dance careers
  • 8 fact sheets that give an overview of each career and its skill sets
  • 8 sets of worksheets with real life career scenarios and problem solving activities 

The Careers in Dance Bundle is designed to advocate for dance as a viable career path and give your students perspective on some of the careers they can pursue in our field. The activities in this bundle give students the opportunity to explore and hone their creative skills in a variety of roles, while getting a feel for the demands of each career.

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