Ballet Foundations Curriculum Kit + 5 Student Workbooks


Product Intro

This physical bundle provides a ballet curriculum guide book, nine 8.5x11 posters, and a deck of cards on ballet terminology with illustrations. The goal of this learning booklet is to provide activities, assessments, handouts, and visual supports to enhance ballet instruction. As a bonus receive a free digital lesson planner!

Recommended Ages

5-10, 11-13, 14+

Artistic Processes

Creating, Responding, Performing, Connecting

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The Ballet Foundations Curriculum Kit is a learning guide booklet designed to:

  • Guide students through ballet class preparation
  • Model best practices for overarching concepts in ballet such as alignment, turnout, and hand placement
  • Accompany and compliment ballet instruction with visual supports, activities, and assessments
  • Support knowledge of terminology in French and English
  • Provide teachers with teaching tips and resources to use with students of all ages

This book is a ballet foundations guide so it can be used with dancers of all ages who are new to ballet or would like to refine their ballet technique.

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