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Super Elements of Dance: Grade 1-5 (Digital Download)


Product Intro

Guide your students through this SUPER imaginative elements of dance unit! Students learn about Body, Space, Time, and Energy by creating their own superhero solos.

Recommended Ages


Artistic Processes

Creating, Performing, Responding, Connecting

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Save 10+ hours of planning by purchasing a clear, sequential unit that is already connected to the National Dance Standards!


This unit includes:

  • Unit Plan Map with learning objectives, connections to National Core Arts Standards, enduring understandings, essential questions, and final assessment.
  • Curriculum Calendar with a breakdown of the topic, learning objectives, and formative assessments for each class.
  • Individual 14-day Lesson Plans 
  • Create your own superhero worksheet
  • 4 additional worksheets for students to use during their creative process
  • Grading rubric for the teacher


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